Raphael Sobania Birdwatching - birding guide in Southern Brazil.
BirdLife International
Save Brazil - BirdLife Brazil
Arthur Grosset Birds - some photos and notes of (mainly) South American Birds
Internet Bird Collection: Ciro Albano Account
Ciro Albano´s photos on Flickr
Wiki Aves Brasil
Ciro Albano´s bird recordings on xeno-canto
Neotropical Bird Club
Trip Report North-east Brazil 2008
Trip Report February - March 2009
Avistar Brasil 2010
Aves&Fotos Editora
Trip Report North-east Brazil Oct 2010
Araripe Manakin\'s Blog (in Portuguese)
Trip Report with several information to independent travelers.
Guided Birdwatching, The birding guides index.
Photos taken by Tony Palliser in a NE Brazil trip with NE Brazil Birding
Birding in north-east Brazil, part 2: The vast state of Bahia
DVD ROM - Birds of Brazil / Aves do Brasil, Songs, Calls and Photos.


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