10 Myths To Banish About Blackjack

10 Myths To Banish About Blackjack

Like any game, Blackjack has various myths and legends. There is no basis for such beliefs, despite being popular and circulating on the Internet. In today’s post we are going to explain the 10 myths to banish about Blackjack.

 The objective is to get 21 points

It is not like this? Shouldn’t you always get 21 points? No. The ideal of the game is to get Blackjack, but the chances of getting it in each round are minimal. In fact, most of the games that you will win will be with a number less than 21.

So your real goal is to win the game and for this you need to know how to play blackjack. It is necessary to obtain a figure greater than or equal to that of the dealer. With an example it will be clearer. If the dealer scores 18 points and the player 19… Congratulations! You have won the hand and you have not needed 21 points.

Getting 19, 20 or 21 points is not synonymous with victory

The second myth that we are going to bury is to believe that to win the game you have to have a high number. Actually this statement is wrong. However, the higher the value of your cards, the more chances of winning.

Having 19, 20 or 21 points does not guarantee you win the game . Remember that to win the game you need to have a hand higher than the dealer’s (without going over 21 points). So if you hit a great 20 point hand, but the dealer hits Blackjack… you still lose.

So now you know, you can win a game with only 15 points, if the dealer exceeds 21. He would lose the game, and you as a player, would win.

The dealer always wins

The odds of winning at Blackjack depend on the strategy to follow and knowing how and when to bet. Furthermore, the dealer is obliged to always hit a card if his hand is less than 17. A new card can win or lose the game. The same thing happens to the player.

If a player wins several times in a row at Blackjack we think “how lucky” “fortune is with him” “you have to keep playing because I’m on a roll”. However, if for several rounds in a row the dealer is the dealer, we don’t like it that much.

On a statistical level it is highly unlikely that the dealer can hit multiple Blackjacks in a row, but it can happen. Every time a game starts, players have the same chances of winning or getting BJ as in previous rounds . Just like the dealer. Do not forget that the casino always starts with an advantage. However, it doesn’t always win.

Double the bet on a good or bad streak

The strategy to follow in Blackjack or in any other game of chance is the same. Determine how much you are going to play. Always set a budget and stick with it.

Some users believe that if you are on a positive streak it is beneficial to double your bet. It is not like that, it is just one more myth to banish. Nobody guarantees that by winning 7 games in a row you decide to double the bet and you will also win the eighth round. What’s more, you have a statistically high chance of losing. Do not try your luck. If you have won several rounds, turn off your computer or mobile and enjoy the victory

It is even worse to think that your luck will increase if you double the bet when you have lost a number of games. The only thing that will happen is that you will lose more money.

Do not stop playing until you get your winnings back

As I said in the previous point, set a budget and a strategy to follow and never deviate from the path. If you are playing with a 100 budget and have lost 100, quit. Luck this time is not on your side. You will get the money back another day. Continuing to play will cause you to lose more money. And who knows if even the head.

Need mathematical knowledge to win at Blackjack

You don’t have to be a math scholar to play Blackjack. It is true that there are other games that do require greater mathematical knowledge. Don’t worry, this is not the case with Blackjack. However, with our guides and tips you can more easily learn how to play blackjack. And most importantly, how to win at blackjack.

Where you sit will determine your luck

It is a myth that we are going to banish right now and that only applies to a physical casino. At the online level it is useless because the user plays only against the dealer.

Let’s go back to the myth: it doesn’t matter where you sit. The odds of winning or losing are the same. It is absurd to think that the player in front of you stole the card. This statement is always made when the player has exceeded 21 points and the card he needed is held by the previous player. Every player has the option to ask for a card or not, to stand or not.

Blackjack is a game of luck

Like all games of chance, it has its share of truth. Any game of chance has a luck component. However, follow a fundamental strategy. Without strategy you can win one day, hopefully two. But the chances of losing are endless. So we encourage you to learn how to play blackjack.

After a figure, another figure always comes out

In any deck there are 4 aces, 4 kings, 4 queens, 4 jacks, 4 tens, … Figures do not always precede figures . It can happen, yes. But in the same way, three 5’s can come out in a row, right?

Counting cards is the best strategy to win

It is a myth but it is true that it has some reality and that for some players it has worked. You have to have a very good memory to remember each and every one of the cards. Physical casinos prevent this type of activity. In the event that you get caught with many letters, it is very likely that you will be banned.

Of course, we are talking about Blackjack in a physical casino. Online impossible because it is a generator of letters that distributes them.

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